One of the key attractions here at the Moorlands Country Guest House, in Weston-Super-Mare, is the sprawling, colourful 1.5 acre garden which surrounds the property.


Much effort and planning has gone into creating our garden space, but we think you'll agree it's been a worthwhile endeavour. Take a walk in our garden and you'll be treated to pleasant views of the surrounding countryside.

There's also a well-kept rockery showcasing an abundance of vibrant flowers and plant life. The rockery is divided by an attractive tiled stone stairway, which is enhanced by the potted flowers installed either side.

Several impressive trees preside over our garden, whilst providing valuable shade for those lazy summer afternoons. If you feel like taking a break from seeing the sights, why not relax for an hour or two in the garden with a cool drink?

Many lovely photographs of the garden can be found on our Gallery page, though if you wish to appreciate it fully, we recommend paying us a visit in person!